Aurelie Roy-Bourbeau

I am a second year Anthropology student at Concordia University. I like this field since it allows me to discover different cultures, but mostly because it shows me that there are myriad ways to do things.  With my teammates, Jessica and Lauren, we are creating a co-op that does not reproduce the model of companies which pollute and exploit our resources (natural and human), without thinking about the consequences. For me, food is sacred; I understand that we are what we eat and I am grateful for the great chance that I have to have food in abundance. I want to give other students the opportunity to eat wonderful fruits at affordable prices while reducing over-consumption, waste and exploitation. My name is Aurélie Roy-Bourbeau and I want to contribute to the change of our economic model in order to live in a more harmonious society.

Jessica Avalos Salas

My name is Jessica Avalos Salas, and I am a sister, friend, partner and daughter to two fabulous parents who without them I would not be who I am. My parents came here with 42$ in their pockets and two suitcases and established roots where I now call home. I want to give the world what the world gave to my parents: opportunity, help, guidance and love because without what they received I would not be here.

I want to be the CHNGR that inspires hearts, minds and communities, because there is power in numbers.

Lauren Case

Lauren Case is an undergraduate student at Concordia pursuing a bachelors degree in Sociology with a minor in Political Science. She started a project with two other students in December of 2018 with the idea of opening a student run smoothie cooperative on campus. Since then Lauren has taken an interest in the social solidarity economy and food sustainability and has sought to promote democratization of student food options on campus. Lauren‘s passion for community building and food justice is a guiding principle in the projects she takes on.


Edwidge Lafortune

My name is Edwige and I’m studying Human Resources Management at HEC Montréal. I am a very discreet person and I like to take the time to observe situations before acting. I could talk about pop culture for hours and I love making new musical discoveries. I appreciate CHNGR MTL, because the group allows me to get out of my comfort zone and learn more about the social solidarity economy, a subject that until my time with CHNGR MTL, was completely unknown to me.

Juliette Ardisson

“Genius is knowing how to seize opportunities” I see in CHNGR MTL the opportunity to improve, learn, and transmit a new way of developing our cities, our economy, and our society.

Simon Brien

A master’s student in management of social innovation at HEC Montréal, Simon has worked for several years in environmental and community circles. Through various functions, notably coordinating mobilization at the Montreal-North Accordion and Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Simon has continued to develop his skills through unifying projects. He is currently working as a Project Manager at TIESS where he works on a research mandate on social economy enterprises working in circular economy. In his free time, he enjoys cinema, absurd humor and literature.


Camille Bui

Why do we have to pay such an expensive price when we just want to eat something good and healthy? Why does McGill seem to care much less about their students’ well-being than other universities do? Why is there so much food wasted today while thousands are starving? Why is one boss getting all the profits and making all the decisions while the input of other employees could inevitably help the whole business? These are some questions that led Camille to apply for CHNGR MTL. As she strives to get involved in every initiatives promoting environmental awareness and advocacy, she hopes that the project she creates with her fellow students at McGill will scale up her impact and make a change in her community.

Khadija Sarr

As a third year university student, the one notion that has been ceaselessly drilled into my brain is the business bottom line: “Profit = Revenue – Cost”. 

The rat race for profit at any cost has transformed our planet – CHNGR MTL and the social economy come as a solution that makes communities responsible and fosters collaboration and innovation. I want to participate in these local efforts by bridging the gap with the student body to implement sustainable  projects.

Rachel Schleifer

I am passionate about public health and food security, both a primary focus in my studies in the school of environment at McGill. I think that the social economy can help us reshape our societies to represent all citizens while intersecting themes of justice and equity with those of economics and governance. Through CHNGR MTL, I hope to implement and support collective, sustainable initiatives to promote resilient community economies.


Johnny Elysee

I am studying project management at UQAM. I like the spirit of solidarity and doing things differently which drives CHNGR MTL. Above all … at CHNGR MTL it’s easy to communicate!

Mélanie Ederer

Candidate for the master’s degree in social work at UQAM, a feminist and an anti-oppressive activist, Mélanie is looking for ways to innovate without erasing. She loves CHNGR MTL for its goal of training citizens who are well-equipped and grounded in action rather than scintillating projects that are running out fast.

Edwidge Lafortune

Note from team: Edwige goes to HEC but is also part of the UQAM project!

City of Montreal

Concordia University

comite-Ville-Cecile Vergier

Cécile Vergier
Economic development
and Social Innovation


Nadia Bhuiyan
Partnerships and Experiential Learning


Satoshi Ikeda
Associate Professor
Sociology and Anthropology



Geneviève Huot
Assistant Director



Marie-France Robitaille
Project and communications coordinator

Chantier de l’économie sociale


Maude Brossard-Sabourin
Partnerships and Development


Mireille Pelchat
Partnerships and Development




Paola Perez-Aleman
Associate Professor
Desautels Faculty of Management


Geoffrey Garver
Adjunct Professor
Interdisciplinary Studies in Environment


Marlei Pozzebon
Professor and cofounder of IDEOS




Sonia Tello-Rozas
School of science and management


Marcel Simoneau
Community Service Director


Laurent Levesque
UTILE Coordinator


Mathieu Couture
CHNGR Ambassador 2017/2018
Member of IDEOS

Meet the two CHNGR Mtl Program Coordinators Jessica and Shylah & the Program Director Erika Licón.  In charge of the strategy, the development and the communications of the project, the coordinators are also here to support, day-to-day, the cohort members and their respective projects. 

Jessica Cabana
Program Coordinator

Entrepreneur and community organizer, Jessica is deeply committed to reducing social inequities by building a more just and regenerative economy.  Co-founder of the Hive Cafe solidarity Cooperative and the Concordia Food Coalition, has been involved in several facets of the democratization of the food systems at Concordia. She has facilitated conferences, organized two Montreal based 2-3 day bilingual conferences called Transform Montreal: Disrupt and Democratize the Economy. She has experiences on a variety of boards and governance structures, and has completed a graduate diploma in Community Economic Development . She currently enjoys being a project coordinator at CHNGR MTL, engaging and helping support students in Montreal’s social solidarity economy.

Shylah Wolfe
Program Coordinator

Shylah learned her passion for community building through cooking, over a decade ago. She has been involved in community organizing and the social economy ever since, through her work with nonprofits, cooperatives and education. She studied psychology at McMaster University and is currently completing a Masters certification in Cooperatives and the Social Economy at the University of Saskatchewan. She lives on an organic farm in Lanaudière.

Erika Licón
Program Director

Erika has extensive experience designing and implementing creative educational and  social innovation programs at Universities. Currently, she is on the board of the SDC Miltón-Parc, Co-operative Les Jardins, a member of the Education Committee – Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS), among others. She holds a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Systems Thinking , a diploma in Popular Education, a master degree in International Cooperation, and she is Ph.D. Candidate in the Social Solidarity Economy. She is passionate about cooking,  changing the current economic system, and building a world where many worlds fit.

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