All about CHNGR / Partners


CHNGR MTL (“changer Montreal”) exists today thanks to the generous contributions of the City of Montreal, Concordia University and Territoires innovant en économie sociale et solidaire (TIESS).

The City of Montreal supports CHNGR MTL as part of the City’s Action Plan for Social Innovation to “ensure the positioning of Montréal, a university city, as a catalyst for development of social innovation”.

The initiator and cornerstone of the program, Concordia University brings, in addition to its financial support, educational and physical resources to ensure the long term success of CHNGR MTL.


The mission of Territoires innovants en économie sociale et solidaire (TIESS) is to organise the transfer of knowledge and best practices in the social economy field, from one territory to another. TIESS supports CHNGR Teams by providing scholarships to students of the program.


CHNGR MTL is proud and fortunate to work with some of Quebec’s most outstanding educational institutions and prominent actors in community economic development. Through their vital contributions provide CHNGR Teams with an innovative curriculum, exceptional exposure to ideas, examples and vast professional networks to launch ideas and change the future for the better.


CHNGR (“changer”) became a reality thanks to funding from the RECODE program grant, administered by the JW McConnell Foundation to Concordia University in 2014. The CHNGR program, slated to run for three years, was developed and designed in collaboration with key players in the social economy sector of Montreal, to create a social innovation fellowship for students.

The program launched to students in 2015 with the first cohort of student Ambassadors and continued with two successive cohorts from several Universities and CEGEPs in the greater Montreal area through to 2018.

Though the RECODE program funding was finished, Concordia University saw the success and further potential of CHNGR to create a long-term impact on Montreal campuses. Concordia has partnered with the City of Montreal to refresh the program and to continue working with students into 2020.