CHNGR for a fairer and more democratic economic model

CHNGR (“changer”) works with students and graduates who want to have a positive social impact through projets, employment or entrepreneurship, and are looking for inspiration and opportunities in order to concretize their ambitions.

Because CHNGR was dreamed up collectively 

We join our strengths and resources to increase our impacts 

Programs and actors have allowed CHNGR to take off thanks to the funding and visibility they offer.

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1,2,3 GO !

1,2,3 GO !

CHNGR c’est un projet d’innovation sociale (par ici pour la définition). 1,2,3 c’est parti ! La 3e année commence avec une cohorte de 8 étudiant.e.s fraîchement recruté.e.s dans 3 universités montréalaises : Concordia, HEC Montréal et UQÀM.