CHNGR MTL (« changer Montreal ») works with those wishing to align their career aspirations with their social values. A growing number of us are realising that a “profit-first” mentality isn’t making us happier, and that the jobs we are destined to aren’t necessarily helping build the kind of world we would like to live in.


To find a job or an internship in a collective and social enterprise, as with any enterprise for that matter, the best way is to be proactive and to network.

1. Create your LinkedIn profile and highlight your values in the “About” section.

2. Participate in events (calendar), discuss with other participants and let them know you are looking for an intership/a job.

3. Demonstrate an active interest in the enterprises that you like (subscribe to the newsletter and follow them on social medias) and start to get your hands dirty (volunteer, become a supporting member or a board member).

4. Get experience and network by working on projects (see experiential learning opportunities).

5. Become a member of a particular group on LinkedIn or Facebook:
  Économie solidaire / Solidarity Economy (Facebook)
 ◦ Montréal food coop (Facebook)

 ◦ OuiShare Montréal (Facebook)
 ◦ Réseau québécois en innovation sociale – RQIS (LinkedIn)


CHNGR Selection – Twitter Feed (collective and social entreprises)
(social economy and community engagement)
Économie Sociale Québec  (social economy)
Engagé  (social economy and sustainable development) (sustainable development and social innovation)
COOP Québec
(cooperative and mutual)
RCPEIM (Coalition of Early Childhood Centres on the Island of Montreal)
CDÉACF (Centre de Documentation sur l’Éducation des Adultes et la Condition Féminine)


Directly on the websites/Facebook pages of the collective and social entreprises that you’re interested in.