Invitation to join the 3ᴿᴰ CHNGR cohort
This is an invitation to participate in social change!


Engagement Bursary of $2500


Ongoing training


Personal and professional development


Networking opportunities with experts in the field

CHNGR is an adventure that you’ll share with students from different universities who, like you, believe that our organisations and our society should put people and planet first.

Our desire? To support and promote organizations that share this view, while raising awareness of their models and practices!

So… what are they doing differently? This is what you’ll learn by joining the 3rd CHNGR cohort. In these organizations, the way people work together has been reinvented, the definition of power and sharing of responsibilities, revised and modified. As part of the learning journey, you will also hone your capacity to collaborate and cooperate authentically with your team.

Concretely, you’ll play a role in ensuring that students looking for alternatives to the dominant model discover (and are inspired by) what’s out there (the social economy, collective and social entrepreneurship, social innovation, sustainable development, collaborative practices) so that they may make informed choices moving forward.


1. You have until September 4th, 23:59, to submit your application. Keep in mind: applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis (as we receive them), and we suggest you signify your interest as soon as possible!
2. To apply, fill in the form (at the bottom of the page), and attach your CV
3. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview
4. The third CHNGR cohort will kick off the year with a retreat during the weekend of September 15th (from Friday evening to Sunday) – mandatory participation
5. A closing ceremony and celebration will take place mid-May 2018


• University student on a Montreal campus for the 2017-2018 year (part time or full time)
• Able to invest at least 6H per week to CHNGR
• Interest in the movement which aims to construct a fairer and more democratic economic model (social economy, social innovation, collective and social entrepreneurship, etc.)
• Awareness of the different players on campus involved in matters of societal change
• Belief in collaboration and teamwork
• Convincing and creative communicator
• Good understanding of both French and English (written and spoken)

So… want to join us?
To learn more about our last two years, check out our CHNGR report (in French).
To apply, click here