It’s already been four months since the CHNGR 3.0 journey kicked off, and the ambassadors have been working diligently on their campuses to push their projects forward and to promote the social economy model.

You can feel that the team is pumped to make 2018, the last year for the CHNGR project in its current form, an unforgettable time full of great reflexions and positive actions.

CHNGR is launching perspectivES week! 

Team spirit remains strong despite being spread on three campuses, and the group has a deep desire to learn more and try new things. Since the beginning of this adventure, our aim has been to build a meaningful initiative gathering the strengths of the three participating universities, leveraging the power of collective intelligence for what we wish to undertake.

Drum roll… CHNGR is proud and excited to announce the launch of perspectivES week: a week to discover collective enterprises!


What is PerspectivES week? 

PerspectivES week will be rich in exchanges with people who are making a difference. It will be an opportunity to visit social economy enterprises (also known as collective enterprises) and to take part in workshops on that collaborative model, all that free of charge.



From March 12 to 15, 2018



Around the campuses of UQAM, HEC and Concordia University as well as in collective enterprises around Montreal.



CHNGR aims at helping the Montreal student community to discover collective entrepreneurship and social economy and push further their thoughts about this innovative economic model. CHNGR hopes that this week will be the spark that makes students embrace the values and principles of social economy.

CHNGR also aims to build a movement of people with the will of reproducing and improving this indispensable event within the next years.

Join the movement to build a collaborative society!



Here are some highlights and key learnings from some of our last sessions.

1- Coaching circle
A tangible outcome of the «coaching circle» workshop was that two ambassadors went back home with a roadmap of detailed solutions regarding their initial issue. Moreover, ambassadors have learned the importance of taking time to observe and listen each other in order to bring the discussion to an upper level and to find sustainable paths of the solution. There is no doubt that having an active listening allows you to connect with the other members of a group and to have a better understanding of your role in this group. This could be the only benefit and turn into virtuous discussions.

2- Le diamant de la participation
With the help the Percolab team (thanks to Cedric and Élizabeth) CHNGR learned the «Diamond of participation» of Sam Kaner method in order to design the perspectivES week. The team appreciated the innovative method, going from a divergent phase (all ideas are good ideas) , to gradually move towards the right questions, the right ideas, and converging on a shared vision.


The futur of CHNGR is getting a shape..

In May 2018 it will be the end of this wonderful pilot project CHNGR as we know it currently, and the team has been thinking of ways to ensure the mission continues: to raise awareness and orient students towards, projects, employment, and entrepreneurship with positive social impact!

An open source “how-to” guide will gather all the learning from the last three years of the project. Any citizen, group, or organization wishing to build a similar initiative will have free access to everything needed. More to come!

Don’t hesitate to share with us your propositions or comments about CHNGR at We can also discuss at the Hive Café COOP sharing a cup of coffee or we can meet you at the Concordia Greenhouse surrounded by the flowers and the plants!


Written by: Jean-Pascal Dumont (Concordia ambassador)

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