We’re recruiting our next cohort of students!

CHNGR is an adventure that you’ll share with students from different universities who, like you, believe that our organisations and our society should put people and planet first. Together, you’ll take action on your campus.

Concretely with CHNGR, you’ll:

  1. Hone your knowledge about alternatives movements for the common good (social economy, social innovation, sustainable development…)
  2. Learn to define your own mandate (get techniques, tools, and support) through an ongoing training program
  3. Get your hands dirty: act in service of your campus and peers to increase positive impact
  4. Experiment collective intelligence and learn collaborative practices

What we look for in a team member:
• a good understanding of your campus context and dynamics
• established connections with agent of change of your campus
• a strong interest for alternatives movements
• the desire to work as part of a team
• eagerness to take action on your campus

To learn more and to apply (before Monday, September 4th 23:59), it’s over here.