Be part of the change / Become an active member in your coop


Many students are part of a COOP (you paid 10, 20, 50$ to receive a membership card and to access “member prices” at your schools’ COOP? Congrats, you’re officially a member!), but few know that they can play a role in its management!


Becoming an active member in your COOP is to exercise ones democratic right (1 member= 1 vote) at the general assembly of members to:

  1. learn about the activities report for the year, which outlines operations and finances
  2. define and vote on the strategic priorities of the enterprise for the upcoming year
  3. democratically elect the board of governors
  4. present oneself as a candidate to join the board of governors


Becoming an active member also means understanding how membership works!

✔︎ You paid a membership fee (life-long membership in some cases), which represents a part of capital in the enterprise, amount which can be refunded should you choose to leave the COOP

✔︎ You now have access to the services of the COOP, and in many cases will benefit from a “member price” or an annual return

✔︎ You have demonstrated your support to the mission of the enterprise.
N.B. : to go even further, you can become a support member, which means you lend your skills to help in the operation of the enterprise


So note the date of your next General Assembly of members in your calendar, and keep your eyes peeled from an invitation email from your COOP! (in many COOPs found in schools, there are spots on the board reserved for students, get informed!)