All about CHNGR / About

CHNGR (« changer ») is part of a global movement that aims to co-create an economic system, which is more democratic and fair.

We are particularly interested in the growing number of collective and social entrepreneurship projects in Quebec, in addition to those stemming from social innovation.

To better integrate students wishing to have a positive impact we aim to highlight the paths that can lead them to change-making initiatives, and collaborate with post-secondary institutions with this goal in mind.


Raise awareness and orient students towards, projects, employment, and entrepreneurship with positive social impact.


Collective initiatives have the potential to generate change and lasting social impacts.


CHNGR believes :
► that collaboration helps us develop better solutions;
► that a more equal distribution of wealth and power is essential;
► that the most sustainable solutions are the ones that are managed collectively;
► that entrepreneurship can be a tool to shape a fairer society.


Inspire Students
► By presenting examples of persons enterprising change (collective and social entrepreneurs, workers, students, researchers, citizens, and engaged youth).
► By sharing content and opportunities to help further ideas and reflection (articles, events, bursaries, job offers).

professors with the objective of integrating new concepts in courses (social innovation, collective practices, democratic management) through guest speakers, case studies, or visits to collective and social enterprises;
student associations and various departments to integrate actors from the collective and social sphere (speakers, suppliers, examples shown) in events held on campus;
► career services in order to promote employment opportunities with positive social impact;
entrepreneurship centres so that their services are known by collective and social entrepreneurs, and adapted to their needs;
post-secondary institutions and research chairs to create more collaborative campuses (students participation);
► the community at large to crowdsource ideas on how to shape the education system to best prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow (RECODE Collaborate, Curriculum Challenge).